Madman Roll LP (vinyl)

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The Meteors
Madman Roll LP (vinyl)

A pure psychobilly diamond, The Meteors' Madman Roll celebrates its 31st anniversary.
Besides the single Chainsaw Boogie, the album includes a storming version of rockabilly classic Bertha Lou as well as a grea psychobilly cover version of Paint It Black.
For this reissue, the genre classic shines in a new artwork.
The sound and artwork have been polished up, and there's also an additional bonus track!

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Disc 1
  1. Madman Roll
  2. Queen Of The Slug People
  3. Bertha Lou
  4. Theme From The Hypnotist
  5. You Can't Touch Me
  6. Paint It Black
  7. You're Mine
  8. A Very Handy Man Indeed
  9. Running Round
  10. Simply Ravishing
  11. Chainsaw Boogie
  12. Chainsaw Boogie