Hymns For The Hellbound CD

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The Meteors
Hymns For The Hellbound CD

You might think that there is no new ground for The Meteors to cover after leading the Psychobilly genre for 25 years, but everytime Paul Fenech's Trio Infernal release a new album, they somehow manage to come up with something fresh, without straying from their trademark Pure Psychobilly sound.
Hymns For The Hellbound retains it's Rockabilly roots, but has all the nastiness that a Meteors album must.
Fenech's originals are, as always, Pure Psychobilly masterpieces, and the cover of classic Rock 'n' Roll death-song Endless Sleep suits them perfectly.

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Disc 1
  1. Powder Pain and Misery
  2. My Slaughtering Ways
  3. The Phantom Rider
  4. Endless Sleep
  5. We Wanna Wreck Here
  6. The Cutter Cuts While The Widow Weeps
  7. Queen Of The Wild Wild Wind
  8. Shadow Time
  9. Lie Down
  10. You Want It I Got It
  11. Black Black Nite
  12. Paradise Lost