Doing The Lord's Work 2LP (vinyl)

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The Meteors
Doing The Lord's Work 2LP (vinyl - gatefold sleeve)

As uncompromising as ever, The Meteors have lost none of their edgy attitude over three decades of being the singular top name of the Psychobilly scene.
Throughout Doing The Lord's Work The Meteors continue to champion their established Pure Psychobilly style - and although they are not a band to upset their longstanding fanbase with a change of direction, they always offer up a couple of surprises, and a wealth of variety in their material with each of their different influences (Rockabilly, Surf, even British Rock 'n' Roll) being evident to different degrees on each track.
Among the surprised this time around is P Paul Fenech's psychobilly take of Black Sabbath's Paranoid, which turns out to suit the band well.
The originators of the Psychobilly genre once again rightfully claim the title of Kings Of Psychobilly with a strong release of new material.

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Disc 1
  1. My Psychobilly Syndrome
  2. It's A Long Way Down
  3. My Life For Thee
  4. She Screams Out My Name
  5. The Man In The Cunt Skin Mask
  6. The Last Temptation Was You
  7. Paranoid
  8. Strange Times Are Coming
  9. The Shredder
  10. Girl Meat Fever
  11. Drag You Down To Hell
Disc 2
  1. Ain't No Turning Back
  2. Don't Blame Me
  3. The Day The Earth Dripped Blood
  4. Hell Must Be Empty
  5. Fuck Your World