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Merrill Moore
Yes Indeed! - The Singles As & Bs 1952-1957 CD


A rock ‘n’ roll hero who didn’t like rock ‘n’ roll, Merrill Moore reached a bigger audience in the late '60s than he ever did in his early 1050s heyday, after the 1968 Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival brought his exhilarating, up-tempo hillbilly boogies to the attention of a much wider audience than it had enjoyed the first time round.
Many of his new audience had been too young to have caught the handful of 78s that his label Capitol Records had released first time around.
The records Merrill Moore made in the first half of the 1950s may not have sounded like rock ‘n’ roll to him. but their boisterous nature, compounded by his relentlessly pounding Jerry Lee Lewis-style piano and Bill Haley-esque vocals pegged them as part of the rockin’ roots from which everything sprang.
This 33 track collection features all of Moore’s 45s and 78s from the first phase of his career, plus a selection of bonus tracks from EPs and originally unissued material.
It’s as comprehensive a collection as any fan of his work could wish to own.
Highlights include his vibrant versions of Down The Road A Piece, The House Of Blue Lights, Ten Ten AM and Rock Rockola - just a few of the many tracks on which his estimable reputation rests.
Moore is backed here by the cream of the West Coast session musicians from the 1950s hillbilly scene, among them Jimmy Bryant, Speedy West and Billy Strange – each a legend in his own right.
Remastered from the best possible sources and accompanied by a booklet featuring a liner notes, this ‘belly full of blue thunder’ sounds as fresh and fierce as it did almost 70 years ago.

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Disc 1
  1. Corrina Corrina
  2. Big Bug Boogie
  3. Bartender's Blues
  4. Red Light
  5. The House of Blue Lights
  6. Bell Bottom Boogie
  7. Snatchin' and Grabbin'
  8. Sweet Jennie Lee
  9. Fly Right Boogie
  10. Nola
  11. Doggie House Boogie
  12. Ten Ten A.M.
  13. Cow Cow Boogie
  14. Rock-Rockola
  15. Yes Indeed
  16. It's a One Way Door
  17. Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
  18. Hard Top Race
  19. Cooing To the Wrong Pigeon
  20. Down the Road a Piece
  21. Rock Island Line
  22. King Porter Stomp
  23. Gotta Gimme What'cha Got
  24. She's Gone
  25. Barrellhouse Bessie
  26. Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old 'Tucky Home
  27. Buttermilk Baby
  28. Nursery Rhyme Blues
  29. I Think I Love You Too
  30. Nola
  31. Boogie My Blues Away
  32. Saddle Boogie
  33. Yes Indeed