One Room Country Shack CD

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Mercy Dee Walton
One Room Country Shack and Other Struggling Blues CD

Mercy Dee Walton was a pianist, singer and songwriter, whose oeuvre encompassed Blues, Jump Blues and R&B.
Often billed on record as just Mercy Dee, he remains chiefly important for his US Top 10 R&B hits Lonesome Cabin Blues and One Room Country Shack.
A powerful body of work, this collection is a selection of popular sides and rarities, recorded between 1949 and 1955 for Spire, Imperial, Colony, Rhythm, Flair, and Specialty Records.
His 1955 Flair Records release Come Back Maybellene, an answer disc to Chuck Berry’s Maybellene is a popular record among specialist Rock 'n' Roll collectors.
He died of a cerebral haemorrhage in 1962, just a year after recording a fine comeback album Mercy Dee, for Arhoolie Records.

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Disc 1
  1. Baba-Du-Lay Fever
  2. Lonesome Cabin Blues
  3. Evil and Hanky
  4. Homely Baby
  5. Bird Brain Baby
  6. Crepe On Your Door
  7. Straight and Narrow
  8. Old Fashioned Ways
  9. Pay Off
  10. Trailing My Baby
  11. Romp and Stomp Blues
  12. Oh Oh Please
  13. Come Back Maybellene
  14. Have You Ever
  15. Stubborn Woman
  16. One Room Country Shack
  17. My Woman Knows The Score
  18. Misery Blues
  19. The Great Mistake
  20. Strugglin' With Blues
  21. Rent Man Blues
  22. Fall Guy
  23. The Drifter
  24. Winter Blues
  25. Get To Gettin'
  26. Dark Muddy Bottom
  27. My Woman and The Devil
  28. Problem Child