Turn the Lamps Down Low CD

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Mel Walker
Turn the Lamps Down Low CD

A collection of 27 tracks of early 1950s Rhythm & Blues recorded in New York, Baltimore and Los Angeles at a time when R&B was rising in popularity.
These recordings delve into Mel Walker’s contribution to R&B.
All the featured songs are written or co-written by Johnny Otis, who guided Walker’s short-lived career.
The collection gathers together Walker'ss recordings for the Regent, Savoy and Mercury labels as well as recordings not originally released at the time.
A welcome release for collectors of 1950s R&B.
The accompanying booklet includes a detailed history of Mel Walker as well as label scans, press cuttings and other memorabilia.

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Disc 1
  1. Helpless
  2. My Heart Tells Me
  3. Lonely Blues
  4. Strange Woman
  5. Fool's Gold
  6. Feel Like Cryin' Again
  7. Heartache Here I Come
  8. Turn the Lights Down Low
  9. It Can Never Happen Again
  10. New Love
  11. Just Another Flame
  12. Help Me Blues
  13. Walk My Blues Away
  14. Where's My Baby
  15. Three Magic Words
  16. Baby Baby Blues
  17. Gypsy Blues
  18. The Candle's Burnin' Low
  19. The Love Bug Boogie
  20. Brown Skin Butterball
  21. Unlucky Man
  22. My Baby
  23. Another Sad Night
  24. Feelin' Mighty Lonesome
  25. You Passed By
  26. I Have Decided
  27. I'd Like To Make You Mine