Royal and Ancient LP (vinyl)

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The Masonics
Royal and Ancient LP (vinyl)

The Masonics are led by Mickey Hampshire, with a rhythm section of Johnny Gibbs and Bruce Brand. Every fan of Garage Punk will be familiar with these names from their days with The Milkshakes, The Kaisers and other top-name scene bands.
This excellent album features 14 rockin' Mickey Hampshire originals.

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Disc 1
  1. Don't Talk To Me
  2. You'd Better Start Lookin'
  3. Chicken Bomb
  4. I Really Don't Care
  5. The Way That It Is
  6. Shig-Shag
  7. Who's Been Taking My Place?
  8. Baby Move Closer To Me
  9. Call Me Deceiver
  10. Truth Will Out
  11. I'll Learn To Forget
  12. Don't Look Down
  13. You're Just A Means To An End
  14. March Of The Space Goblins.