She Got What Her Daddy Likes CD

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Mary Deloatch (aka Marylyn Scott)
She Got What Her Daddy Likes CD

Mary Deloatch recorded a half-dozen killer Gospel records under her real name, while as 'Marylyn Scott, The Carolina Blues Girl', she cut a handful of powerful R&B releases which were, musically, wholly at odds with her Gospel sides.
She nonetheless remains something of a 'Great Unknown', and someone who was seriously under-recorded, judging by the twenty-one sides featured herein, which appear to comprise her entire recorded output.
Her best-known releases were probably 'I Got What My Daddy Likes' / 'Let's Do The Boogie Woogie' and 'Beer Bottle Boogie' / 'Uneasy Blues' as 'Marylyn', and 'Rumors Of War' / 'Life Was A Burden' as 'Mary'.
All her records have been fiercely-collectable for decades, and they remain a devastating recorded legacy.
All but three of these rare tracks have never previously appeared on CD, including two which have never previously been released.

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Disc 1
  1. Straighten Him Out
  2. Another Woman's Man
  3. The Monkey Song
  4. I Got What My Daddy Likes
  5. Let's Do the Boogie Woogie
  6. Beer Bottle Boogie
  7. Uneasy Blues
  8. I'll Ride On a Cloud With My Lord
  9. Our Father Loves His Son
  10. I Want To Die Easy
  11. I Really Believe
  12. If You Only Knew
  13. Mother Dear
  14. The New Gospel Street
  15. The Lord's Gospel Train
  16. Rumors of War
  17. Was a Burden
  18. Move This Thing part 1
  19. Move This Thing part 2
  20. Just To Behold His Face
  21. Move This Thing