A Lifetime In Music 4CD (Boxed Set)

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Marty Wilde
Marty ~ A Lifetime In Music 4CD 1957-2019 (Boxed Set)

One of the first generation of British rock’n’roll stars, Marty Wilde celebrates his 80th birthday in 2019 with a UK tour and this very personal quartet of discs from across a musical career which spans over six decades.
During the late 1950s, Marty was one of the biggest UK rock 'n' roll stars, with a string of Top 10 hits on Philips Records, on which he was often backed by The Wildcats: Endless Sleep (No.4), Donna (No.3), A Teenager In Love (No.2), Sea Of Love (No.3) and Bad Boy (No.7).
As the Sixties dawned, Marty continued to enjoy chart success while evolving his sound: Johnny Rocco (No.30), The Fight (No.47), Little Girl (No.16), Rubber Ball (No.9), Hide and Seek (No.47), Tomorrow’s Clown (No.33), Jezebel (No.19) and Ever Since You Said Goodbye (No.31).
In the mid-60s, he also recorded as a trio The Wilde Three with wife Joyce (ex-Vernons Girls) and Justin Hayward.
In the late 1960s Marty became a hit songwriter for other artists, while his own performing career continued at pace throughout the 1970s.
This is a unique celebration of Marty’s long and illustrious career.
Discs One and Two are devoted to all of his early A and B sides including all the hits.
Disc Three unveils a hitherto unissued Radio Luxembourg performance from 1959 while Disc Four boasts a whole CD of previously unheard demo recordings handpicked from Marty’s own archive.
Beautifully presented with remastered sound, detailed sleeve-notes and a booklet awash with images from across the years, this set perfectly commemorates the musical legacy of one of Britain’s most enduring talents who was awarded an MBE for his achievements.
Fantastic package with 132 tracks including all the top 40 hits and 55 previously unreleased tracks, with many other tracks making their first ever appearance on CD.

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Disc 1
  1. Honeycomb
  2. Wild Cat
  3. Love Bug Crawl
  4. Afraid Of Love
  5. Oh Oh I’m Falling In Love Again
  6. Sing Boy Sing
  7. Endless Sleep
  8. Her Hair Was Yellow
  9. My Lucky Love
  10. Misery's Child
  11. The Fire Of Love
  12. No-One Knows
  13. Donna
  14. Love-A Love-A Love-A
  15. A Teenager In Love
  16. Danny
  17. Sea Of Love
  18. Teenage Tears
  19. Bad Boy
  20. It's Been Nice
  21. Johnny Rocco
  22. My Heart and I
  23. The Fight
  24. Johnny At The Crossroads
  25. I Wanna Be Loved By You
  26. Angry
  27. Little Girl
  28. Your Seventeenth Spring
  29. My Baby Is Gone
  30. Amapola
  31. Autumn Leaves
  32. Rubber Ball
  33. Like Makin' Love
  34. When Does It Get To Be Love?
  35. Your Loving Touch
  36. Jetstream
Disc 2
  1. Hide and Seek
  2. Crazy Dreams
  3. Tomorrow's Clown
  4. The Hellions
  5. Come Running
  6. Ev’ryone
  7. Jezebel
  8. Don't Run Away
  9. Ever Since You Said Goodbye
  10. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
  11. Honestly Sincere
  12. One Last Kiss
  13. A Lot Of Livin' To Do
  14. Lonely Avenue
  15. Brand New Love
  16. Save Your Love For Me
  17. Bless My Broken Heart
  18. When Day Is Done
  19. I Can't Help The Way That I Feel
  20. Kiss Me
  21. My What A Woman
  22. Nobody But You
  23. Money
  24. Since You've Gone
  25. Just As Long
  26. I Cried
  27. Well Who's That?
  28. Born To Rock and Roll
  29. Move It
  30. Milk Cow Blues
  31. The Price Of Love
  32. I Am An Astronaut
  33. Lullaby
Disc 3
  1. My Babe
  2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  3. A Teenager In Love
  4. Go Go Go
  5. My Happiness
  6. I Forgot To Remember
  7. I’m In Love Again
  8. Fever
  9. My Baby Left Me
  10. Trouble
  11. Instrumental
  12. Danny
  13. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
  14. Blue Suede Shoes
  15. High School Confidential
  16. I Need Your Love Tonight
  17. I Know Where I’m Going
  18. Rip It Up
  19. Donna
  20. Oh Boy
  21. Mean Woman Blues
  22. Caterpillar
  23. Yesterday Started For Judy
  24. All Night Girl
  25. She's A Mover
  26. I Love You
  27. In Dreams
  28. Hard To Find Easy To Lose
  29. Sea Of Heartbreak
  30. Don't Wanna Be The One
  31. One Such As I
Disc 4
  1. The Next Hundred Years
  2. Feel In The Mood
  3. Slap Bang
  4. A Layabout’s Lament
  5. Wasn't It A Handsome Punch-Up
  6. Polaris
  7. Your Kind Of Love
  8. Is It True?
  9. My What A Woman
  10. Since You've Gone
  11. Just As Long
  12. I Just Wanna Dance
  13. Harmonica
  14. The Beginning Of The End
  15. Daddy What'll Happen To Me
  16. All I Can Say Is Goodbye
  17. Jesamine
  18. Elizabeth Dreams
  19. Through My Telescope
  20. Rifles and Firewater
  21. It's So Unreal
  22. It Didn't Have To Be This Way
  23. Santa Marie
  24. Halfway To Where
  25. Sunny St Louis
  26. A Place In My Heart
  27. Shey Shey
  28. Leaping About
  29. Jungle Jim
  30. Try
  31. I'm A Mover
  32. It's a Hang Up World