Locked Down! 10" LP (vinyl)

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Mark Lee Allen
Locked Down! 10" LP (vinyl)

Primitive rockabilly from the Pacific North West.
Mark Lee Allen is a meticulous British vinyl collector, rockabilly expert, author and musician, living in the USA since the early 2000s.
This vinyl release presents recordings made in his private studio during the 2022 lockdown, his raw and rockin' versions of his favorite numbers and obscure gems out of rockabilly history.

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Disc 1
  1. Lonely Lonely Train
  2. Don't Be Unfair
  3. Pick 'em Up and Shake 'em Up
  4. Act Like You Love Me
  5. Black Jack David
  6. Can't Do Without You
  7. Till the Law Says Stop
  8. Tell Me Baby
  9. In the Deep Dark Jungle
  10. Baby Fan the Flame
  11. Folding Money
  12. Bertha Lou