I'm Available - The Rare Recordings 2CD

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Margie Rayburn
I'm Available - The Rare Recordings 2CD

Margie Rayburn rose to the top of the charts twice, first as lead singer of the Sunnysiders with Hey Mr. Banjo and then again as a solo artist with I'm Available.
She had a charming pop-country style that was well-suited to all of the material she recorded and this new 2CD set contains nearly her entire body of work, including a nifty stereo jazz album with Russ Garcia.
Featuring recordings with Eddie Cochran, Earl Palmer, Ray Anthony, Dennis Farnon and The Sunnysiders.

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Disc 1
  1. Hey Mr. Banjo
  2. Zoom Zoom Zoom
  3. Enclosed Are My Tears
  4. The Boy From The Hills
  5. They All Say I'm Lucky
  6. I'm The One For You
  7. Alley Oop
  8. I Laughed And Laughed
  9. That's The Chance I've Got To Take
  10. The Wedding Song
  11. Basin Street Blues
  12. Can I Tell Them That You're Mine?
  13. The Longest Walk
  14. Take A Gamble On Me
  15. Every Minute Of The Day
  16. Walkin' Around In A Dream
  17. Teenage Heart Throb
  18. Dreamy Eyes
  19. Freight Train
  20. The Get Acquainted Waltz
  21. Mississippi Moon
  22. I'm Available
  23. If You Were
  24. Oooh What A Doll!
  25. Smoochin
  26. Alright, But It Won't Be Easy
  27. I Would
  28. And He Told Me A Lie
  29. To Each His Own
Disc 2
  1. Make Me A Queen Again
  2. Wait
  3. Unexpectedly
  4. Laddie-o
  5. Magic Words
  6. Sentimental Journey
  7. I Miss You Already
  8. Maid Of Honor
  9. Try Me
  10. I've Tried So Hard Not To Love You
  11. Cast A Little Spell On Me
  12. Here I Am
  13. Hello Mr. Heartbreak
  14. Mud Pies
  15. Bobby Is My Hobby
  16. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
  17. This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
  18. Body and Soul
  19. Wonderful One
  20. Day In Day Out
  21. Blues In The Night
  22. Almost Like Being In Love
  23. Should I?
  24. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  25. Hurry My Love
  26. It's A Lonesome Old Town
  27. I'll Wind
  28. The Man I Love