Crawfish Troubles Cats and Ghosts CD

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Marcel Bontempi
Crawfish Troubles Cats and Ghosts CD

Subtitled The (Second) Single Compilation 2015 - 2021, this release arrives exactly 10 years after the first one, the highly sucessful Witches Spiders Frogs and Holes album.
At this moment, most aware folks in our retro scene have common knowledge and informed opinions of that strange musical alchemist known as Mr. Marcel Bontempi.
His phenomenal career arc from the 1998 debut of beat band combo The Montesas, to his monster solo hit of 2013, Dig A Hole has seen Marcel's star rise ever higher as a steady stream of his popular and clever recordings have been snatched up and sold out to an ever-widening fan base.
Live stage appearances by Marcel and his gal Friday, the effervescent Miss Ira Lee, and Marcel's own hillbilly gang, Dr. Bontempi's Snake Oil Company, at clubs festivals throughout Europe, and even in Nashville and Las Vegas, have deservedly helped to spread the Bontempi infamy and infatuation far and wide.
So, here is the second compilation of the wizard of rhythm - full-packed with his 7" output (all limited and sold out by now) from 2015 until 2021 - and some unreleased songs.

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Disc 1
  1. Cat Man
  2. Black Cat
  3. Boss Eyed Cat
  4. Haunted House
  5. Clock Strickes 3
  6. Crawfish
  7. Bury All My Troubles
  8. Blue Moon Baby
  9. Hotzenplotz
  10. Havana Moon
  11. No Club Lone Wolf
  12. Wolf Call
  13. Yellow Eyes
  14. Mambo Voodoo
  15. Voodoo Working
  16. My Father's Grave
  17. Down Bound Train
  18. Flipsville