Genever Convention CD

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Macavity's Cat
The Genever Convention CD

Macavitys Cat present their booze-fueled concoction of Hillbilly, Skiffle, Cowpunk, Rockabilly and more - a crazed cocktail of styles that has become known as Rustic Stomp.

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Disc 1
  1. Lady Alcohol
  2. Bar From Hell
  3. 6 to 1 The Bullet
  4. The Dampton Worm
  5. The Devil Went Down To Georgia
  6. Drink For Two
  7. Fambly
  8. I'd Rather Go To Hell
  9. John Wayne Is Big Leggy
  10. Merangue
  11. Preacher
  12. Sinners
  13. Thunderbird Wine
  14. The Ballad Of Gavin Shellfish