Rockville Revelation CD

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Lou Cifer & The Hellions
Rockville Revelation CD

Lou Cifer and The Hellions is one of the most popular bands on Europe's Teddy Boy scene.
Rockville Revelation is their sixth album - packed with eighteen brand new songs - all original compositions, with the complete lyrics are printed inside the CD booklet.
Lou Cifer and the Hellions are renowned for not recording a single cover song in nearly 25 years of band history.
All the songs are written by the band- even if the guys themselves say that Rock 'n' Roll can't be completely reinvented.
The lyrics refer to life and experience as a Teddy Boy.

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Disc 1
  1. Dance With The Devil
  2. Now You Do
  3. Down Out And Restless
  4. Don`t Tell Me You`re Busy
  5. Cutie Judy
  6. I Don`t Wanna Grow Up
  7. Carl Is On The Radio
  8. My Mama Don`t Rock
  9. No Salvation
  10. Full Moon And Empty Bottles
  11. Killing Time
  12. Three Times
  13. Rockin The Brothel
  14. I Don`t Belong Here
  15. Rock With Lucy Fair
  16. Workman
  17. I'm Leavin
  18. Revelation