Space Rangers CD

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Los Santos
Space Rangers CD

Many light years from Texas, Los Santos encounter music no man has heard before: Surf from Saturn, twangy guitars from Titan, accordions from Aldebaran and rhythms from Regulus no human has ever boogied to.
Country, Surf and Tex-Mex from outer space now add to Los Santos' superb Surf guitar soundscapes.
Here is how Phil Dirt at Reverb Central describes the band:
"Los Santos are a very unusual band as much for their home port of Stuttgart as for the amalgam of sounds that form their core. Hawaiian steel, surf guitar, accordion, ranchera, country, and more. You can hear influences ranging from Flaco Jimenez, Hank Williams, T-Bone Walker, Los Straitjackets, Ry Cooder, Calexico, Hank Marvin, Duane Eddy, and Johnny Cash. All that, and one instro which encompasses their universe. Explore."

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Disc 1
  1. Space Rangers
  2. Tiny Space Man
  3. Space Girl
  4. Vaquero Sideral
  5. Understand Your Man
  6. Bang Bang
  7. Radioactive Mama
  8. Three Billion Miles From The Sun