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Lord Rockingham's XI
Hoots Mon CD


Lord Rockingham's XI were the house band on the UK’s first Rock ‘n’ Roll T.V. show, Oh Boy!
In addition to backing the various singers and guest artists on Oh Boy!, they usually performed their own instrumental numbers each week.
They also cut a handful of 45s and topped the UK charts for three weeks in late 1958 with the instrumental Hoots Mon.
This 36 track collection gathers all of Lord Rockingham XI’s releases between 1958-62, alongside similarly-styled 45s from band members and spinoff projects.
This body of work has never been previously been compiled, making for a unique collection with some tracks making their first ever appearance on CD.

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Disc 1
  1. The Squelch
  2. Fried Onions
  3. Hoots Mon
  4. Blue Train
  5. Wee Tom
  6. Lady Rockingham I Presume?
  7. What the Butler Saw
  8. Lord Rockingham's Lament
  9. Fried Onions
  10. Blue Train
  11. Lord Rockingham Meets the Monster
  12. Ra-Ra Rockingham
  13. Farewell To Rockingham
  14. Newcastle Twist
  15. Rockingham Twist
  16. Cerveza
  17. Week End
  18. The Sneeze
  19. Valencia
  20. The Happy Organ
  21. Iced Coffee
  22. The Fat Washerwoman
  23. The Fat Noise
  24. My Baby's Door
  25. Wow!
  26. Chicken Sax
  27. Snake Eyes
  28. Money
  29. Heavy Date
  30. Sentimental Journey
  31. Theme From Danger Man
  32. Blackjack
  33. Red River Rock
  34. Backscratcher
  35. Whisht, It's the Twisht!
  36. Son of Twist