Lone Star State Jazz Swing Trio CD

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The Biscuit Grabbers
Lone Star State Jazz Swing Trio CD

Swinging Texas Hillbilly Trio featuring Huck Johnson and Matt Thomas (from Wayne Hancock's band) along with Enrico Garcia (of The Bellhops).
Hailing from Texas, The Biscuit Grabbers are a group of musicians that formed out of the love for music that swings.
They have a deep sense of the past, performing classic and rare covers from days long ago but not forgotten, as well as originals rooted in the past but with modern influences.

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Disc 1
  1. Rhythm Shack
  2. Tomcat Stomp
  3. Buff Fiddle Boogie
  4. Sufferin' Blues
  5. Interstate Boogie
  6. Got These Blues
  7. Mission To Moscow
  8. Big Noise From Winnetka
  9. Tattooed Lady
  10. Panhandle Rag
  11. Reefer Man
  12. Huck's Rag
  13. Take Me Back To Tulsa