Livin' Lovin' & Lyin' - Rhythm ‘n’ Bluesin’ By The Bayou CD

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Rhythm ‘n’ Bluesin’ By The Bayou - Livin' Lovin' and Lyin' CD

From New Orleans in the east to Lake Charles in the west, Rhythm ’n’ Blues not only entertained the black population of South Louisiana filling the juke joints along Route 90, it also inspired a whole generation of young white performers influencing their music into forming what would become swamp pop – a sound which features here in embryonic form.
We return to the bayou for a sixth helping of downhome R&B, sourced from the finest indie labels found in Louisiana and East Texas.
Lesser-heard gems and rare alternate versions rub shoulders with previously unreleased recordings by genre notables Cookie & the Cupcakes, Van Preston and Elizabeth, to name but three.
Featured labels include Ron, Feature, Excello, Goldband, Hollywood, Rocko and Flip, while just under half of the 28 tracks are previously unreleased.

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Disc 1
  1. Scorched - Tal Miller
  2. Love Me Love Me Mary Ann - Guitar Jr.
  3. Won't Be Me - King Charles
  4. Baby's Got Bad Feet - Eddie Williams
  5. I Know - Elizabeth
  6. Mama's Little Girl - Van Preston
  7. Won't Be Blue No More - Unknown
  8. Keep Livin' - Cookie & The Cupcakes
  9. Baby Baby Come To Papa - King Karl
  10. I Would Be A Sinner - Charles Sheffield
  11. I Keep Crying - Cookie & the Cupcakes
  12. Troubles Troubles - Eddie Lang
  13. Loc-A-Li - Little Victor & His Jivin' Five
  14. Give It Up - Lonesome Sundown
  15. I Wanna Be Your Man - Little Bob & The Lollipops
  16. I Don't Know Why - Little Nolton
  17. Tell Me Why - Elizabeth
  18. Love Me Chile - Unknown
  19. Roll On Ole Mule - Tabby Thomas
  20. Uncle John Special - Little Ray Campbell
  21. Carry On Yvonne - Chuck Martin
  22. Family Rules - Guitar Jr.
  23. Crying Crying - Sticks Herman
  24. Baby If You Want To Play - James Freeman
  25. But You Thrill Me - Left Hand Charlie