Best Of The Rest CD

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Little Willie Littlefield
The Best Of The Rest CD

Selected recordings from Federal, Rhythm and Eddie's Records dating from between 1948 and 1958.
Willie Littlefield has a long and distinguished career as a boogie pianist and Rhythm & Blues singer and was one of the greatest and most influential astyists of the genre throughout the 1950s.
The Best Of The Rest presents 28 rockin', rollin' and bluesin' tracks including Little Willie's Boogie, Swanee River, KC Lovin' and many others.

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Disc 1
  1. Little Willie's Boogie
  2. My Best Wishes
  3. Swanee River
  4. Boogie Woogie Playgirl
  5. Littlefield Boogie
  6. Striking On You Baby
  7. Blood Is Redder Than Wine
  8. K.C. Lovin'
  9. Pleading At Midnight
  10. The Midnight Hour Was Shining
  11. My Best Wishes and Regards
  12. Miss K.C.'s Fine
  13. Rock A Bye Baby
  14. O-O-O-Oh
  15. Don't Take My Heart Little Girl
  16. Falling Tears
  17. Goofy Dust Blues
  18. Jim Wilson's Boogie
  19. Sitting On The Curbstone
  20. Mistreated
  21. Baby Shame
  22. Ruby Ruby
  23. Easy Go
  24. I Need A Payday
  25. I Want A Little Girl
  26. Theresa
  27. Goodbye Baby
  28. I Wanna Love You