Devil Said Shake CD

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Lisa George and The Pedalos
The Devil Said Shake CD

One of the best female Rock 'n' Roll singers to come from the UK, Lisa George delivers an album of spellbinding performances with authentic 1950s production and outstanding musicians backing her.
Diversity is key as Lisa takes on a range of rockin' styles, each song being a different blend of Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll, 50s Country and rockin' Rhythm & Blues.
There are plenty of excellent original songs here, with Lisa & her band The Pedalos putting their own stamp on covers of Voodoo Voodoo, Touch Me, and Hip Shakin' Baby too.
Even legendary Rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson has commented on Lisa's performances, saying "This album contains different styles of songs, and Lisa does them all equally well. Good Job Gal. Keep Rockin'".

Review from Sleazegrinder:   Lisa George and her boys gorge on the garden paths treaded by Patsy, Wanda (apparently meeting with the approval of Ms Jackson herself) and perhaps Peggy Lee, but with a voice to suggest the currently continuing soaring success of Imelda May is as much a matter of circumstance than outstanding specialness (ok, aside from having guitar god Darrel Higham onboard) and one that is deserved of this lady as much as it would be Marti Brom or maybe Devil Doll stateside. Shaking the tree to cull peaches from the forties and nifty fifties she may indeed do but self-penned single Blue-Eyed Rockabilly Boy, the title track and guitarist John England

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Disc 1
  1. Touch Me
  2. Voodoo Voodoo
  3. Holy Joe
  4. Market Place
  5. Cried In Knots
  6. Funnel Of Love
  7. Blue Eyed Rockabilly Boy
  8. Ain't Love Addictive
  9. Keep On Pushin'
  10. Jeopardy
  11. Didn't It Rain
  12. Hip Shakin' Baby
  13. The Devil Said Shake