Blue Eyed Rockabilly Boy CD

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Lisa George and The Pedalos
Blue Eyed Rockabilly Boy CD

The powerful voice of Miss Lisa George is set to send shockwaves through the male-dominated world of Rockabilly.
Blue Eyed Rockabilly Boy is a slap-bass thumpin' rockabilly blaster, belted out by Lisa and her boys with abandon.
Ain't Love Addictive is complete contrast is a tender Rock-A-Ballad with a sophisticated Jazzy feel.
Then it's back to all-out Rockabilly with great versions of Dorsey Burnette's My One Desire and Joyce Green's dynamic Black Cadillac.

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Disc 1
  1. Blue Eyes Rockabilly Boy
  2. Ain't Love Addictive
  3. My One Desire
  4. Black Cadillac