Wray's Three Track Shack 2CD

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Link Wray
Wray's Three Track Shack 2-CD

Double-CD gathering the three albums from Link Wray's early 1970s comeback period when he signed to the Polydor label.
The three albums are Link Wray (1971), Mordicai Jones (1971) and Beans and Fatback (1972), all included in their entirety.

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Disc 1
  1. La De Da
  2. Take Me Home Jesus
  3. Juke Box Mama
  4. Rise and Fall Of Jimmy Stokes
  5. Fallin' Rain
  6. Fire and Brimstone
  7. Ice People
  8. God Out West
  9. Crowbar
  10. Black River Swamp
  11. Tail Dragger
  12. Beans and Fatback
  13. I'm So Glad I'm So Proud
  14. Shawnee Tribe
  15. Hobo Man
  16. Georgia Pines
  17. Alabama Electric Circus
Disc 2
  1. Water Boy
  2. From Tulsa To North Caroline
  3. Right Or Wrong
  4. In The Pines
  5. Take My Hand
  6. I'm So Glad I'm So Proud
  7. Walkin' In The Arizona Sun
  8. Scorpio Woman
  9. The Coca Cola Sign Blinds My Eyes
  10. All I Want To Say
  11. All Because Of A Woman
  12. On The Run
  13. Son Of A Simple Man
  14. Precious Jewel
  15. Days Before Custer
  16. Gandy Dancer