Let's Get Together Tonight - Swamp Pop By The Bayou CD

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Let's Get Together Tonight - Swamp Pop By The Bayou CD

Let's Get Together Tonight is the third Swamp Pop volume in the excellent By The Bayou series.
Here you'll discover 28 swamp rockin' rarities from Louisiana - all tracks are either previously unissued on ultra-rare.
There are three music genres native to the South Louisiana/SE Texas area: Cajun, zydeco and swamp pop.
Instantly recognisable, this is music that resonates with the steamy heat of the swamps and bayous, and with the spicy food and goodtime feel of the people and the area.
Featured artists include Rocket Morgan, Hal Young, Gene Terry, Rod Bernard, Chuck Hillier, Warren Storm, Texas Guitar Slim, Jivin' Gene, Vince Anthony and many others.

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Disc 1
  1. Whatcha Gonna Do? - Rocket Morgan
  2. What Ya Gonna Do? - Hal Young & The Electras
  3. I'll Be Coming Home To You - Gene Terry & His Down Beats
  4. Never Let Her Go - Warren Storm
  5. Jailhouse Blues - Robert Owens
  6. I'm Too Tired To Rock - Rod Bernard
  7. Play A Song For My Baby - Chuck Hillier
  8. Do You Take Me For A Fool? - Warren Storm
  9. I've Got My Heart In My Hand - Texas Guitar Slim
  10. Crazie Baby - Rocket Morgan
  11. I Know It's A Sin - Charlotte Hunter
  12. Now Is The Time - Jay Randall & The Electras
  13. Walking Alone - Hal Young & The Electras
  14. I'm Falling For You Darling - Rocket Morgan
  15. This Life I Live - Warren Storm
  16. If You Don't Want Me - Sidney Ester & The Dreamers
  17. Let Me Walk With You - Rod Bernard
  18. Let's Get Together Tonight - Ken Lindsey
  19. I Got Loaded - Charles Page & The Rockin' Aces
  20. Searching For Love - Gabe Dean
  21. Where Should I Go? - Merton Thibadeaux
  22. The Snake - Jivin'