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    Cliff Richard and The Shadows
    Let Me Tell You Baby It's Called Rock 'n' Roll (2-CD)

    An amazing 2-CD of Cliff Richard & The Shadows live recordings from the BBC's Saturday Club radio show.
    These master recordings of Cliff Richard as a primal Rock 'n' Roller have survived, enabling us to hear the rockin' early days of a kid with a big future.
    Many of these performances seem superior to the released records simply for energy and sheer enthusiasm.
    Cliff was lucky to have a great band from the start of his professional career - and The Shadows soon became stars in their own right.
    A detailed 44-page booklet with detailed liner notes accompanies the two CDs.
    CD #1 features musical content from high-quality recordings plus some tracks of historical interest that were taped off-air.
    CD #2 includes the music together with the introductions and interviews just as they were heard in the original BBC broadcasts.


    • 1Dynamite!
    • 2I'm In Love Again
    • 3Guitar Boogie
    • 4Dream Lover
    • 5Mean Streak
    • 6Driftin'
    • 7Rip It Up
    • 8Jet Black
    • 9Living Doll
    • 10C'mon Everybody
    • 11Steady With You
    • 12Ready Teddy
    • 13Apron Strings
    • 14Never Mind
    • 15Danny
    • 16Don't Bug Me Baby
    • 17I'm In Love Again
    • 18Gee Whiz It's You
    • 19You're Just The One To Do It
    • 20Apache
    • 21What'd I Say
    • 22Where Is My Heart?
    • 23Quatermaster's Stores
    • 24Please Don't Tease
    • 25Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes
    • 26Move It!
    • 27My Babe
    • 28Baby I Don't Care
    • 29High Class Baby
    • 30Baby I Don't Care
    • 31Down The Line
    • 32Danny
    • 33Summertime Blues
    • 34Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.
    • 1Saturday Jump
    • 2Brian Matthew Introduces Saturday Club 13th April 1959
    • 3C'mon Everybody
    • 4Cliff Reads A Request
    • 5Steady With You
    • 6Brian Matthew Introduction
    • 7Ready Teddy
    • 8Cliff Reads A Request
    • 9Apron Strings
    • 10Brian Matthew Introduction
    • 11Never Mind
    • 12Cliff Introduction
    • 13Danny
    • 14Brian Matthew Introduction
    • 15Don't Bug Me Baby
    • 16Saturday Jump
    • 17Brian Matthew Programme Ending
    • 18Saturday Jump
    • 19Brian Matthew Introduces Saturday Club 20th June 1959
    • 20Mean Streak
    • 21Cliff Introduction
    • 22Dream Lover
    • 23Brian Matthew Reads A Request
    • 24I'm In Love Again
    • 25Cliff Introduces The Drifters
    • 26Driftin'
    • 27Brian Matthew Reads A Request
    • 28Rip It Up
    • 29Cliff Reads A Request
    • 30Jet Black
    • 31Brian Matthew Talks About Jet Harris
    • 32Brian Matthew Reads Requests
    • 33Living Doll
    • 34Saturday Jump
    • 35Brian Matthew Programme Ending
    • 36Cliff & Jim Dale Introduce Saturday Club In London
    • 37Saturday Jump
    • 38Dynamite!
    • 39Cliff & Jim Dale Introduction
    • 40I'm In Love Again
    • 41Guitar Boogie
    • 42Brian Matthew Introduces Saturday Club 6th August 1960
    • 43Saturday Jump
    • 44Gee Whiz It's You
    • 45Brian Matthew Introduction
    • 46You're Just The One To Do It
    • 47Cliff Introduces The Shadows
    • 48Apache
    • 49Brian Matthew & Cliff Introduction
    • 50What'd I Say
    • 51Cliff Reads A Request
    • 52Where Is My Heart?
    • 53Brian Matthew & Cliff Discuss Photographs
    • 54Quatermassters Stores
    • 55Brian Matthew Introduction
    • 56Please Don't Tease
    • 57Brian Matthew Reads Request
    • 58Saturday Jump
    • 59Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes.

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