I Can’t Lose With the Stuff I Use CD

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Lester Williams
I Can’t Lose With the Stuff I Use CD


22 tracks of original Texas Blues by Lester Williams.
This great and influential blues guitarist gets a full career CD containing all of his major releases for different labels.
Features examples of his work from the Macy’s, Speciality and Duke labels for the first time ever on one CD.
Fans of T-Bone Walker style guitar can’t lose with this collection as Lester Williams was one of the stars greatest disciples.
Includes his 1949 regional hit single, “Wintertime Blues” plus the title track “I Can’t Lose With The Stuff I Use” which has attracted several covers over the years.
Accompanying booklet includes fully detailed liner notes.

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Disc 1
  1. Wintertime Blues
  2. I'm So Happy I Could Jump and Shout
  3. All I Need is You
  4. I Know That Chick
  5. Don't Treat Me So Low Down
  6. Dowling Street Hop
  7. Texas Town
  8. Mary Lou
  9. Hey Jack
  10. The Folks Around the Corner
  11. My Home Ain't Here
  12. I Can't Lose With the Stuff I Use
  13. Tryin' To Forget
  14. Let Me Tell You a Thing or Two
  15. Lost Gal
  16. Sweet Lovin' Daddy
  17. Brand New Baby
  18. If You Knew How Much I Love You
  19. Let's Do It
  20. Good Loving Baby
  21. Crazy 'Bout You Baby
  22. Don't Take Your Love From Me