I'll Get Along Somehow CD

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Larry Darnell
I'll Get Along Somehow 1949-1957 CD

Larry Darnell was a huge but now near-forgotten star of black music and was an important component of the sound that became New Orleans R&B in the 1950s.
Darnell scored six Billboard Top Ten hits during 1949 and 1950, including For You My Love (No.1 for eight weeks in 1949 in both the Jukebox and Best Seller charts), I'll Get Along Somehow (No.2 in 1950), I Love My Baby (No.4 in 1950) and Oh, Babe! (No.5 in 1950).
All included here of those hits are featured here on a collection that collates the very best of Larry Darnell's blues and up-tempo jump recordings.

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Disc 1
  1. For You My Love
  2. I'll Get Along Somehow part 1
  3. I'll Get Along Somehow part 2
  4. Lost My Baby
  5. Pack Your Rags and Go
  6. Don't Go Don't Go
  7. I Love My Baby
  8. Sundown
  9. My Kind Of Baby
  10. Oh Babe!
  11. Christmas Blues
  12. Why Did You Say Goodbye?
  13. Do You Love Me Baby
  14. Sad and Lonesome
  15. Darlin'
  16. Work Baby Work
  17. Left My Baby
  18. Boogie-Oogie
  19. I'll Be Sittin' I'll Be Rockin'
  20. Singin' My Blues
  21. Better Be On My Way
  22. No Time At All
  23. What More Do You Want Me To Do
  24. Give Me Your Love
  25. Who Showed My Baby How To Love Me?
  26. Ramblin' Man
  27. Fing Fang Foy
  28. Just Tell Me When
  29. It Must Be Love