Voodooville CD

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King Voodoo
Voodooville CD

Absolutely excellent Power-Rockabilly with attitude. Not for 50s purists - King Voodoo are the coolest greasers in town, playing hard Rockabilly with Punk aggression - but staying strictly on the rockin' side and not venturing into Psychobilly's punkier depths.
Great songs, great guitar playing, and tight solid relentless rockabilly rhythms galore.
Voodooville is a highly recommended debut album from a superb 4-piece.

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Disc 1
  1. Call Of The Wild
  2. Up In Flames
  3. Rockabilly Missionary
  4. Nothing
  5. Hanging Around
  6. Rarin' To Go
  7. Born In The Backwoods
  8. Bring Your Sister
  9. Guitar Man
  10. Old Hack Shack
  11. Hula Baby
  12. Messed Up My Hair
  13. The Chicken Song
  14. Those Damn Dames
  15. Let Me Entertain You