Best Of Live LP (vinyl)

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King Kurt
Best Of Live LP (vinyl)

King Kurt live 'n' rockin' - including Destination Zulu Land, Bo Diddley Goes East, Banana Banana, Zulu Beat, Gather Your Limbs, Wreck-a-Party Rock and lots more...

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Disc 1
  1. Story About King Kurt
  2. She's As Hairy
  3. Lord Beastly
  4. Do the Rat
  5. Big Black Cadillac
  6. Destination Zulu Land
  7. Nobody's Business But My Own
  8. Ghost Riders In the Sky
  9. Bo Diddley Goes East
  10. You Gotta Have Friends
  11. Lonesome Train
  12. Banana Banana
  13. Zulu Beat
  14. Gather Your Limbs
  15. Wreck-A-Party Rock