Those Rhythm & Blues CD

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King Kolax
Those Rhythm & Blues CD

King Kolax built himself a reputation as a trumpet player, but he was able to handle a vocal or two.
This collection starts with both sides of a very rare 78 on the short lived Opera Records label showing Kolax's ability as a blues singer.
His next two more releases were on J.O.B. Records before backing Joe Williams' version of 'Everyday I Have the Blues' issued on the Checker label.
Still on Checker Danny Overbea pops up with his original version of '40 Cups of Coffee' prior to Bill Haley and the Comets got their hands on it.
Mabel Scott's latin-themed 'Fool Burro' follows, featuring Kolax on trumpet and Red Saunders on percussion before appearing with Rudy Greene's on the Chance Records label.
Then there's four more Danny Overbea titles from Checker Records.
Kolax next appears on the VeeJay label and, of the eight titles recorded, two were not issued at the time and four appeared later on a Top Rank LP,.
All eight are issued together on CD for the first time here including 'Those Rhythm & Blues' with Calvin Carter.
The misterioso latin instrumental 'Vivian' was probably named after Vivian Carter.
The disc ends with four rare tracks from the late 1950s
King Kolax musical diversity is presented here with 27 recordings dating from between 1948 and 1960.

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Disc 1
  1. Back Door Blues • King Kolax
  2. Straight Woman Blues • King Kolax
  3. Lonesome Man Blues • King Kolax
  4. Why Don't They Tell Me? • King Kolax
  5. She's Funny That Way • King Kolax
  6. Side Man • King Kolax
  7. Every Day I Have The Blues • Joe Williams
  8. 40 Cups Of Coffee • Danny Overbea
  9. Fool Burro • Mabel Scott
  10. Love Is A Pain • Rudy Green
  11. No Need Of Your Crying • Rudy Green
  12. I Could But I Won't • Danny Overbea
  13. Sorrento • Danny Overbea
  14. Stomp & Whistle • Danny Overbea
  15. Ebony Chant • Danny Overbea
  16. What Have You Done To Me • King Kolax
  17. Right Now • King Kolax
  18. Push Out • King Kolax
  19. Vivian • King Kolax
  20. Goodnite Blues • King Kolax
  21. Those Rhythm and Blues • King Kolax
  22. H2o • King Kolax
  23. Time • King Kolax
  24. Sleeping In An Ocean Of Tears • Brooks & Brown
  25. They Call Her Rosalie • Brooks & Brown
  26. Real Small Town • King Kolax
  27.  Don't Look Now • Wilbur "Hi-Fi" White