Real Wild Child CD

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Johnny O'Keefe
Real Wild Child CD

Although he remained largely unknown in the Northern hemisphere, Johnny O’Keefe was Australia's first and biggest indigenous Rock 'n' Roll star.
Many of his records were covers of US and UK hits, but he also penned several of his releases; his own best-known song, internationally, is 'Real Wild Child', a number which is nowadays more readily associated with Iggy Pop via his million-selling 1986 cover version.
On his home turf, O'Keefe racked up more than thirty hit records between 1957 and his untimely death in 1978, following a heart attack at the age of only 43.
This 34 track collection presents the Very Best of Johnny's Rock 'n' Roll years, between 1957 and 1962, and features 26 Aussie hits, including six Number 1's - She's My Baby, Own True Self, Don't You Know Pretty Baby, Come On and Take My Hand, I'm Counting On You and Right Now.

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Disc 1
  1. You Hit The Wrong Note Billy Goat
  2. Shake Baby Shake
  3. Wild One (Real Wild Child)
  4. Over The Mountain Across The Sea
  5. So Tough
  6. That'll Be Allright
  7. I Ain't A Gonna Do It
  8. What Da Ya Know!
  9. Peek-a-boo
  10. Why Do They Doubt Our Love
  11. You Excite Me
  12. Swan-ee River
  13. Shout (part 1)
  14. Six O'Clock Rock
  15. Danny Boy
  16. She's My Baby
  17. Own True Self
  18. It's Too Late
  19. Jubilee
  20. Rock Time
  21. Mountain Of Love
  22. Don't You Know Pretty Baby
  23. Come On and Take My Hand
  24. Ready For You
  25. Save The Last Dance For Me
  26. I'm Counting On You
  27. Right Now!
  28. Sing!
  29. To Love
  30. The Twist
  31. Baby I Don't Care
  32. Yes Indeed I Do
  33. You'll Never Cherish A Love So True
  34. I Thank You