So What - The Brits Are Rocking Volume 7 CD

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Johnny Kidd and The Pirates
So What - The Brits Are Rocking Volume 7 CD


This 30 track collection highlights Johnny Kidd's work with the original seven-piece Pirates line-up, the "Mark 2" Pirates responsible for Shakin' All Over and the equally celebrated "Mark 4" Pirates  Mick Green/Johnny Spence/Frank Farley combo.
Both sides of Kidd's excellent 1962 solo single (Hurry On Back To Love / I Want That) are included, and with the added bonus of six early BBC Radio performances, this set provides a superb introduction to one of the truly legendary and influential British rock 'n' roll groups.
The Brits are rocking, restless and shakin' all over!

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Disc 1
  1. Feelin'
  2. So What
  3. Linda Lu
  4. Weep No More My Baby
  5. I Can Tell
  6. Longin' Lips
  7. I Want That
  8. A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
  9. Shakin' All Over
  10. Restless
  11. Steady Date
  12. Hurry On Back To Love
  13. Growl
  14. Let's Talk About Us
  15. Please Don't Touch
  16. Big Blon' Baby
  17. You Got What It Takes
  18. Some Other Guy
  19. Please Don't Bring Me Down
  20. Yes Sir That's My Baby
  21. Magic of Love
  22. More of the Same
  23. If You Were the Only Girl In the World
  24. My Babe (BBC recording)
  25. Growl (BBC recording)
  26. I Go Ape (BBC recording)
  27. Brian Matthew Talks To Johnny Kidd (BBC)
  28. Restless (BBC recording)
  29. Setarip (BBC recording)
  30. Shakin' All Over (BBC recording)