Somewhere Far Away CD

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Johnny Joker and The Twilight Kids
Somewhere Far Away CD

After a couple of years playing support gigs to some of the scene's top names it's time for Johnny Joker to up the stakes with the release of their first full length album, Somewhere Far Away.
The sound is Rockin' Psychobilly - modern sounding taking influences from Rockabilly, Psychobilly and beyond - and the songs are fresh and original.

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Disc 1
  1. Hurricane Baby
  2. Twilight Zone
  3. Never Coming Back
  4. Somewhere Far Away
  5. Rambling Days
  6. Sin City Sinners
  7. Will You
  8. Walking Through The Corridor
  9. Look Behind
  10. Bad Day
  11. Holiday In Hell
  12. Back On The Street
  13. Way Back Home