His Other Side CD

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John Lewis
His Other Side CD

John Lewis, sometimes known as Johnny Bach, takes a departure from the uptempo Rockabilly material associated with his bands The Rimshots, The Moonshine Boozers and The John Lewis Trio.
His Other Side is a solo album, described in one review as being The Tender Side Of Rockabilly.
This is a outstanding collection of acoustic recordings which show just how talented a songwriter Lewis is.
The songs are melodic and the lyrics often poetic.
Including the single Waltz Around The Kitchen which features guest Imelda May.

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Disc 1
  1. Waltz Around The Kitchen (with Imelda May)
  2. Money Troubles
  3. What Kind Of Love Is This?
  4. It Hurts
  5. Cardboard Carpeted Doorways
  6. Dark Days
  7. Tick Tock Blues
  8. Not Quite The Not
  9. Rollin'
  10. Isle Of Coll Song
  11. Crying Over You
  12. He's Welcome To You
  13. Life Marches On
  14. Sanity