What The Heck! CD

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Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones
What The Heck! CD


The Complete Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones!
This 38 tracks CD album presents the complete recordings of the early rockers from Spartanburg, South Carolina.
They were all young teenagers when they made rock 'n' roll history in 1957 with Black Slacks, a true smash and a chart success.
Bennett played a rousing lead guitar and sang in tandem with rhythm guitarist Howard 'Sparky' Childress, whilst bassist Wayne Arthur and drummer Jimmy 'Sticks' Denton formed the powerful rhythm section.
This CD delivers everything from their earliest recordings through to the rare final ABC Records single, the recordings released on Spanish EPs and an appearance on Nat 'King' Cole's TV show.

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Disc 1
  1. Black Slacks
  2. Boppin' Rock Boogie
  3. Penny Loafers and Bobby Sox
  4. Rocket
  5. Let's Go Rock & Roll
  6. Number One On My Love List
  7. Cotton Pickin' Rocker
  8. I Dig You Baby
  9. Maybe Baby
  10. Little Turtle
  11. We've Had It
  12. Do the Stop
  13. Late Again
  14. Late Again
  15. Bayou Rock
  16. Beautiful One
  17. Boys Do Cry
  18. Boys Do Cry
  19. What the Heck
  20. Are You From Dixie?
  21. Softly
  22. No Esta Bien
  23. La Misma Playa
  24. Hully Gully Boy
  25. Vaya Vaya
  26. Si Tuviera Un Martillo
  27. La Hora
  28. Kansas City
  29. Memphis
  30. De Nada
  31. La Cancion Del Gato Tom
  32. Toodle Ooo
  33. Osito De Trapo
  34. Run Rabbit Run
  35. Well Dressed Man
  36. The King is Coming Back
  37. Rocket
  38. Black Slacks