Do You Wanna Jump Children?

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Jimmy Rushing
Do You Wanna Jump Children? CD

Jimmy Rushing is considered by many music historians to be the greatest blues singer of his generation.
From 1935 to the late 1940s he was the star vocalist with Count Basie and his Orchestra.
The first 20 tracks of this compilation cover this period and include big hits such as Goin' To Chicago Blues, Jimmy's Blues and Rusty Dusty Blues.
Jimmy Rushing's powerful voice could hold its own over the powerful riffing of horn sections in any big band setting and he went on to front other groups including Johnny Otis and Jimmy Mundy as the last 4 tracks of this set attest.
Accompanying booklet includes fully detailed liner notes.

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Disc 1
  1. Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong)
  2. Blues In The Dark
  3. The Blues I Like To Hear
  4. Do You Wanna Jump Children?
  5. You Can Depend On Me
  6. Evil Blues
  7. Baby Don't Tell On Me
  8. How Long Blues
  9. I Cant Believe That Youre In Love With Me
  10. I Left My Baby
  11. It's The Same Old South
  12. Undecided Blues
  13. Goin' To Chicago Blues
  14. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
  15. Rusty Dusty Blues
  16. Lost The Blackout Blues
  17. Gee, Baby Aint I Good To You
  18. Jimmy's Blues
  19. Take Me Back Baby
  20. Harvard Blues
  21. Jimmy's 'Round The Clock Blues
  22. My Baby's Business
  23. Thursday Blues
  24. Good Morning Blues