You’re Gone Baby CD

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Jimmie Logsdon
You're Gone Baby! CD

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Although something of an unknown to the general public, Jimmie Logsdon is revered among collectors of hillbilly and country music for a significant quantity of classic recordings – many of them up-tempo ‘boppers’ – that he cut under his own name in the first half of the 1950s.
Jimmie is even more revered by rock ‘n’ roll collectors for two 45s that he released under the name of Jimmy Lloyd’ in 1957.
Where The Rio De Rosa Flows and I Got A Rocket In My Pocket are both 100% classics that will bring any rockin’ dance floor to life, even 65 years after they were recorded.
Jimmy was already in his 30s when he cut them, and unlikely to challenge Elvis as a chart contender – but he rocked as hard as any of the younger guns.
It’s been some years since any of his recordings were first digitised, so You’re Gone Baby - the most career spanning collection of Jimmie’s 45s to date – will be warmly welcomed by rock ‘n’ roll and country collectors.
When you hear these high-quality recordings, almost all of them made in Nashville with a crack team of ‘A’ list studio musicians of the calibre of Chet Atkins, Grady Martin, Floyd Cramer and Buddy Harman, you will wonder just how come so much great music went largely unheralded at the time of release.
Jimmie may be something of a footnote in the histories of both hillbilly and rock ‘n’ roll, but he played significant part on the evolution of both and what’s on offer here will forever stand as prime examples of both genres.
Vintage music of the highest quality, brought to you in the highest quality, mastered from the best possible sources and coming with an expertly annotated booklet.

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Disc 1
  1. You’re Gone Baby
  2. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
  3. I Got A Rocket In My Pocket
  4. You Ain’t Nothing But The Blues
  5. I Wanna Be Mama’d
  6. That’s When I’ll Love You The Best
  7. Pa-paya Mama
  8. My Sweet French Baby
  9. The Death Of Hank Williams
  10. Midnight Boogie
  11. It’s All Over Now But The Shouting
  12. Midnight Blues
  13. Good Deal Lucille
  14. Road Of Regret
  15. I Can’t Make Up My Mind
  16. Beginning Of The End
  17. One Way Ticket To Nowhere
  18. Let’s Have A Happy Time
  19. The Love You Gave To Me
  20. No Longer Do I Cry
  21. I’m Going Back To Tennessee
  22. These Lonesome Blues
  23. Where The Old Red River Flows
  24. As Long As We’re Together
  25. Cold Cold Rain
  26. Hank Williams Sings The Blues No More
  27. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  28. It Just Don’t Matter Now
  29. The Letter Edged In Black
  30. Folsom Prison Blues