15 Rockin' Years CD

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The Jets
15 Rockin' Years CD

A collection of early rockin' recordings from The Jets - one of the most successful British Rock 'n' Roll bands of recent years.
Includes their first ever recordings along with a whole bunch of tracks previously unavailable prior to the release of this CD.

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Disc 1
  1. Nervous
  2. Can't Keep A Good Man Down
  3. Why
  4. Baby Blue Eyes
  5. Mountain Of Love
  6. Stop Stop Stop
  7. She Don't Love Me Anymore
  8. Boo Hoo
  9. Ballin' Keen
  10. Steady With Betty
  11. James Dean
  12. Rockabilly Baby
  13. Flying Saucer Rock 'n' Roll
  14. One Hand Loose.