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Jess Conrad
This Pullover CD

Jess Conrad started his career as a actor, and was cast in a television play Bye Bye Barney as a pop singer.
He was noticed by Jack Good who included him in his TV series Oh Boy!, and was then signed to Decca Records where he had a number of chart hits including Cherry Pie, This Pullover, Mystery Girl and Pretty Jenny.
He also recorded for Columbia, Pye President and EMI.
This 32 track collection gathers everything that Jess recorded for Decca Records between 1960-62, including all his hits and other well-known recordings.

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Disc 1
  1. Cherry Pie
  2. There's Gonna Be A Day
  3. Out Of Luck
  4. Unless You Mean It
  5. Mystery Girl
  6. The Big White House
  7. Just The Two Of Us
  8. Love My Life Away
  9. Maybe You'll Be There
  10. This Pullover
  11. Why Am I Living?
  12. I See You
  13. Oh You Beautiful Doll
  14. Every Breath I Take
  15. Walk Away
  16. That's My Weakness Now
  17. You Too
  18. Rag Doll
  19. Little Ship
  20. An Angel Cries
  21. It Tears Me All To Pieces
  22. Hey Little Girl
  23. Twist My Wrist
  24. Pretty Jenny
  25. You Can Do It If You Try
  26. It's About Time
  27. As You Like It
  28. It's About Time
  29. I Don't Care What People Say
  30. One Of These Days
  31. Down Town Tonight
  32. This Pullover - Paul Evans