Greatest Hits CD

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Jerry Williams
Greatest Hits CD

Swedish rocker Jerry Williams has fronted many Rock 'n' Roll bands over his career, but is best known for his solo releases.
He has scored than 20 hit albums in Sweden, along with seven hit singles - including Did I Tell You which reached #1 in 1989.

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Disc 1
  1. I Can Jive
  2. Did I Tell You
  3. Who's Gonna Follow You Home
  4. It Started With A Love Affair
  5. Sista Skeppet Tillbaka
  6. If You Want My Love
  7. Cotton Jenny
  8. Feelin' Blue
  9. Git It
  10. Keep On
  11. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
  12. Vintersaga
  13. Dream On
  14. Darlin' Nelly Grey
  15. Cruisin' On A Saturday Night
  16. Number One
  17. Working Class Hero
  18. Meningen Med Allt
  19. Keep On Rollin'
  20. Play That Song On The Juke Box