Essential Recordings 2CD

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Jean Shepard
Essential Recordings 2CD

This double-disc collection presents the essential original recordings from the early years of Jean Shepard's career.

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Disc 1
  1. A Dear John Letter
  2. Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
  3. Twice The Lovin' In Half the Time
  4. I 'd Rather Die Young Than Grow Old Without You
  5. Forgive Me John
  6. My Wedding Ring
  7. The Glass That Stands Beside You
  8. Why Did You Wait?
  9. Two Whoops and A Holler
  10. You'll Come Crawlin'
  11. Don't Rush Me
  12. Please Don't Divorce Me
  13. Did You Tell Her About Me?
  14. You Sent Her An Orchid You Sent Me A Rose
  15. Take Possession
  16. I Thought Of You
  17. I Learned It All From You
  18. You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again
  19. Thank You Just The Same
  20. Just Give Me Love
Disc 2
  1. A Satisfied Mind
  2. Beautiful Lies
  3. Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
  4. The Other Woman
  5. Act Like A Married Man
  6. I Used To Love You
  7. You're Just The Kind Of Guy
  8. He's My Baby
  9. I Want To Go Where No One Knows Me
  10. You'd Better Go
  11. You Win Again
  12. Have Heart Will Love
  13. Jeopardy
  14. Heartaches Teardrops and Sorrow
  15. Mysteries Of Life
  16. Did I Turn Down A Better Deal?
  17. The Root Of All Evil Is A Man
  18. How Long Does It Hurt When A Heart Breaks?
  19. It's Never Too Late
  20. One Less Heartache.