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James "Sugar Boy" Crawford
Hey Now! New Orleans Classics 1953-1958 CD

Renowned for the vibrancy and energy of his live shows as much as he was for the quality of his relatively slender discography, the late James 'Sugarboy' Crawford was and always will be a leading light of the New Orleans R&B scene of the mid to late 1950s.
His most famous song Jockamo - better known as Iko Iko - has been much covered and remains one of the Crescent City's musical 'National Anthems', played to this day.
It's here - of course - with 29 other prime examples of Crawford's craft, most of which are making their UK CD debut in this essential collection, almost all of them recorded at the famous studio of the late Cosimo Matassa and all of them chock full of that classic New Orleans sound.
Sadly few were hits at the time and, indeed, more than half the recordings here were not issued at the time - but that is no reflection whatsoever on their premium quality!
Sugar Boy Crawford was very proud of his great records - and he had every reason to be.
Here are the very best of them presented in the highest audio quality with expert remastering and copious annotation.

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Disc 1
  1. I Don't Know What I'll Do
  2. Overboard
  3. Jockomo
  4. You You You
  5. I Bowed On My Knees
  6. Wandering Baby
  7. No More Heartaches
  8. What's Wrong?
  9. Night Rider
  10. Wondering
  11. Honey
  12. Get Away
  13. Stop
  14. Watch Her Whip Her
  15. Love Love Love
  16. Troubled Mind Blues
  17. Ooh Wee Sugar
  18. There Goes My Baby
  19. You Call Everybody Sweetheart
  20. If I Loved You Darling
  21. Morning Star
  22. You Gave Me Love
  23. She's Got a Wobble When She Walks
  24. I Don't Need You
  25. The Facts
  26. It's Over
  27. I Need Your Love
  28. I Have a Feeling
  29. No One But You Dear