Blues Got Me Again CD

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Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats
The Blues Got Me Again - Singles 1951-1962 CD

Jackie Brenston's name is of course ubiquitous in all discussions concerning 'What was the very first Rock & Roll record?' due to his Rocket 88, a Number 1 R&B record in 1951 which was famously covered by Bill Haley.
Brenston was a singer/saxophonist in Ike Turner's band, and his sole hit was essentially a head arrangement based heavily on Jimmy Liggins' Cadillac Boogie, which came together in Sam Phillips' recording studio in Memphis.
Although the disc was credited to Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats, they were actually Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm.
However, although follow-ups like My Real Gone Rocket and Independent Woman are highly-regarded by collectors, he was unable to register another hit.
This 27 track collection presents everything that Brenston recorded as a lead vocalist between 1951-62, either solo, with Ike Turner, or with Chicago guitarist Earl Hooker - the first time that these twenty-seven tracks have been thus compiled.

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Disc 1
  1. Rocket '88
  2. Come Back Where You Belong
  3. Independent Woman
  4. Make My Love Come Down
  5. My Real Gone Rocket
  6. Tuckered Out
  7. I Want To See My Baby
  8. My Baby Left Town
  9. Fat Meat Is Greasy
  10. Jackie's Chewing Gum
  11. Hi Ho Baby
  12. Leo The Louse
  13. Blues Got Me Again
  14. Starvation
  15. You Won't Be Coming Back
  16. 88 Boogie
  17. Lovin' Time Blues
  18. True Love
  19. Mule
  20. Gonna Wait For My Chance
  21. What Can It Be?
  22. The Mistreater
  23. Much Later
  24. Trouble Up The Road
  25. You Ain't The One
  26. Want You To Rock Me
  27. Down In My Heart