I’m Not Jiving - Bluesin’ By The Bayou CD

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Various Artists
I’m Not Jiving - Bluesin’ By The Bayou CD

This latest trip to the bayous results in a third helping of Louisiana blues.
This superb collection features many big names, including Slim Harpo, Lightning Slim, Lonesome Sundown and Lazy Lester among the lesser-known and obscure.
Ten tracks are previously unreleased or alternate takes, while the other 18 are extremely rare.

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Disc 1
  1. I’m A Lucky Lucky Man - Henry Gray
  2. I’m Not Jiving - Juke Boy Bonner
  3. Miss Fannie Brown - Lightnin’ Slim
  4. Things Gonna Change - Slim Harpo
  5. I Don’t Know Why - Boogie Jake
  6. I Told My Little Woman - Lazy Lester
  7. Mojo Man - Lonesome Sundown
  8. Oh Yeah She’s Gone - Boozoo Chavis
  9. Everybody Calls Me Crazy - Clifton Chenier
  10. Don’t Bring No Friend - Blue Charlie
  11. No Use To Worry - Lonesome Sundown
  12. Baby Let’s Burn - Jimmy Anderson
  13. Wild About My Baby - Slim Harpo
  14. Roaches In My Kitchen - Silas Hogan
  15. I Want To Talk To You Baby - Elton Anderson
  16. Patrol Wagon - Lazy Lester
  17. Early One Morning - Ramblin’ Hi Harris
  18. She’s Gone - Schoolboy Cleve
  19. Don’t Let Her Pin That Charge On Me - Chris Kenner
  20. I Feel Like Calling You - Clarence Garlow
  21. Bye Bye Catin - Boozoo Chavis
  22. Night and Day My Love - Clifton Chenier
  23. Late Hour Blues - Henry Clement
  24. Cold Chills - Henry Gra