The Bottom Line CD

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The Hyperjax
The Bottom Line CD

Slick back your quiffs and dust down your Gretsch guitars, as UK punkabilly phenomenon and masters of the mosh pit, The Hyperjax release their second album The Bottom Line.
The CDs original tracks will have fans tearing up the pit in celebration of their gutsy Rock ’n’ Roll that takes its sound beyond the generic psychobilly buzz.
The Hyperjax are in-your-face punkabilly favourites with an international following.
They trash the Rock 'n' Roll boundaries, constantly breaking new ground whilst offering a two-finger salute to the bourgeois boy-band banality of mainstream music.

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Disc 1
  1. New World Odour
  2. Sacred Ground
  3. Burnout Row
  4. One Blazing Soul
  5. The Bottom Line
  6. Bank Holiday Special
  7. Rumble Fish
  8. Return To Zero
  9. User Vixen
  10. Navigator
  11. America's Tender Mercies
  12. When Red Fades To Black