Back In Business Again CD

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The Hooten Hallers
Back In Business Again CD

This long-anticipated new record from The Hooten Hallers is a fever-dream of thoroughly American rock and roll from the fertile musical heartland of Missouri, USA.
Back In Business Again is a track thrill-ride of roots and rock influences - blues, punk, even New Orleans jazz spat forth in a high-voltage, swinging rumpus that defies everything you thought you knew about rock and roll.
Bubbling beneath the rip-roaring surface are all-original songs of outsider Americana delight, from tall tales about near-mythological characters to a eulogy commemorating the demise of 15 years worth of tour vans to heartfelt blues and well beyond.
John Randall's infernal howl and frenzied guitar swirl into a demon's brew with Andy Rehm's otherworldly falsetto screams and unbridled drumming.
Kellie Everett drives the unorthodox low end with the rich tones of her rumbling baritone and bass saxophones, rounding out the band's sound and placing it firmly in a class of its own.
Produced by Dominic Davis (Jack White, Greensky Bluegrass), 'Back In Business Again' takes a match to The Hooten Hallers' fuse and explodes the renegade power trio to the edge of madness and back again, one vigorous, swinging, perfectly peculiar song at a time.

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Disc 1
  1. Back In Business Again
  2. The Cobbler's Children
  3. Show Me
  4. Now That I Know
  5. Cat Scrap
  6. Vankiller
  7. Broke The Spell
  8. Heal It
  9. Straight Down The Line
  10. Even The Blues Gets The Blues