Downhome Blues From Chicago To New York CD

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Homesick James meets Cousin Leroy
Downhome Blues From Chicago To New York CD

The worlds of Blues and R&B is filled with dynamic, original and highly collectable artists who made a string of great recordings, but not enough to fill a full length CD.
Other than the amount of recordings Homesick James and Cousin Leroy made, there are no stylistic characteristics between the two artists.
Homesick James, cousin of Elmore James, was an important element in the Chicago blues club scene throughout the 1950s and '60s and Cousin Leroy was a mainstay of the New York Blues scene.
Many of these recordings have rarely been available for the past 40 years and if you're not familiar with their work, you are in for a treat.
Accompanying booklet includes fully detailed liner notes.

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Disc 1
  1. Johnnie Mae • Homesick James
  2. Lonesome Old Train • Homesick James
  3. Farmers Blues • Homesick James
  4. Whiskey Headed Woman • Homesick James
  5. Homesick • Homesick James
  6. Dirty Rat • Homesick James
  7. The Woman I Love • Homesick James
  8. Wartime • Homesick James
  9. Lonesome Blues • Homesick James
  10. Late Hours At Midnight • Homesick James
  11. 12th Street Station • Homesick James
  12. Long Lonesome Day • Homesick James
  13. Can't Afford To Do It • Homesick James
  14. Set A Date • Homesick James
  15. Goin' Back Home • Cousin Leroy
  16. Catfish • Cousin Leroy
  17. 41 Highway • Cousin Leroy
  18. Lonesome Bedroom • Cousin Leroy
  19. Waitin' At The Station • Cousin Leroy
  20. Crossroads • Cousin Leroy
  21. Will A Match Box Hold My Clothes • Cousin Leroy
  22. Highway 41 • Cousin Leroy
  23. I'm Lonesome • Cousin Leroy
  24. Up The River • Cousin Leroy
  25. String Beans • Cousin Leroy
  26. Woke Up With The Blues • Cousin Leroy
  27. Voo Doo • Cousin Leroy
  28. Sail On • Cousin Leroy
  29. Rollin' Stone • Cousin Leroy