Raw Deal LP (vinyl)

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Hillbilly Moon Explosion
Raw Deal LP (vinyl)

With a string of superb releases to their credit, and several years of touring behind them, Hillbilly Moon Explosion finally get major label distribution and look set to be discovered by the more mainstream audience that has already taken Imelda May to it's heart.
Rockabilly Music is once again being noticed by the general media and public, and there is no better introduction than Hillbilly Moon Explosion.
They can at times be pure '50s Rockabilly, then sound like an early 60s girl-group, then a Psychobilly band - it's like all the best things in Rockin' music rolled into one great band. The also boast a pin-up singer in Emanuela Hutter as well as being fine musicians.
With great material, both original and covers, Raw Deal shows that Hillbilly Moon Explosion have everything they need to become a major attraction without compromising their Rock 'n' Roll style.

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Disc 1
  1. Maniac Lover
  2. All I Can Do Is Cry
  3. Chick Habit
  4. Johnny Are You Gay?
  5. Raw Deal
  6. I'm Gonna Dry My Eyes
  7. Clarksdale Boogie
  8. Nothin' But You
  9. Moonshine Song
  10. Walk Italian
  11. Live The Life
  12. The Long Way Down
  13. Brown Eyed Boy
  14. Poupee De Cire Poupee De Son