Hicksville Bombers CD

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The Hicksville Bombers CD

25 tracks of real-gone Rockabilly from longtime rockin' scene favourites The Hicksville Bombers.
This is their first album which helped to catapult them to popularity among the greasy fraternity.

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Disc 1
  1. Blackout Baby
  2. Don't Call Me
  3. The Joke's On You
  4. Little Bit
  5. Can't Buy Goodbye
  6. Makin' Love To My Record Machine
  7. Coolest Hepcat
  8. Closest Thing To Heaven
  9. Coming Home Baby
  10. I Can't Dance
  11. Didn't See No Movies
  12. Cotton Pickin'
  13. Crazy Baby
  14. Playboy
  15. All By Myself
  16. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
  17. Trying To Get To You
  18. Booze Party
  19. Something Baby
  20. All I Can Do Is Cry
  21. How's The World Treating You?
  22. Mean Old Train
  23. So Glad You're Mine
  24. Do The Bop
  25. Thunder and Lightning