Best Of The Bombers CD

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Hicksville Bombers
Best Of The Bombers CD

The Hicksville Bombers have been one of the most popular Rockabilly bands in the UK for the past decade, and they have won many fans around the world as well as in their homeland.
Best Of The Bombers gathers together 25 Bombers Blasts, featuring their best album tracks and singles.
This collection ventures going right back to their first, long unavailable vinyl only single What Kinda Fool and includes previously unreleased tracks from this recording session.

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Disc 1
  1. Blackout Baby
  2. Coming Home Baby
  3. Crazy Baby
  4. Playboy
  5. Do The Bop
  6. The Worrying Kind
  7. Alabama Jailhouse
  8. Kaw Liga
  9. When It Rains It Really Pours
  10. Ice Cold
  11. Bombs Away
  12. Cindy Lou
  13. So Hot She's Cool
  14. Bopper and a Shaker
  15. Desperate Living
  16. Greenback Dollar
  17. I've Changed My Mind
  18. Moonshine Mama
  19. Love Is My Business
  20. Knockdown Dragout
  21. What Kinda Fool?
  22. Get Outta My House
  23. Swamp Walk
  24. Just Like An Old Hank Williams Song