Heinz Sessions Volume 1 – Joe Meeks Tea Chest Tapes 10" LP (vinyl)

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The Heinz Sessions Volume 1 – Joe Meek's Tea Chest Tapes 10" LP (vinyl)

The second release from Joe Meek’s legendary Tea Chest tapes!
Previously unheard versions, outtakes and demos, all in superb, previously unheard clarity, taken directly from joe meek’s own tape archive.
With sleevenotes by Rob Rradford, editor of the Joe Meek Society’s ‘Thunderbolt’ magazine.
Having been part of The Tornados and their smash hit Telstar, Heinz was quickly singled out for solo stardom by Joe Meek, whose eye he had caught.
Tailored by Meek in the classic pop impresario tradition, usually with material written expressly for him, Heinz and his remarkable bouffant blond hairstyle set out to take the world by storm in 1963.
This 10" LP presents selected highlights from the many hours of recording Joe Meek dedicated to his protégé between 1963 and 1966, including the hit single Just Like Eddie and classic album tracks, alongside the previously unreleased Voices In The Wind.
Featuring early takes, guide tracks and guitar sessions, Side One provides a fascinating insight into the hard work Meek was prepared to invest in his pet project.
Side Two, on the other hand, takes the listener back to the beginning of the process, with three of Joe Meek’s home demos and a Dave Adams guide track, all of which were later re-recorded by Heinz.
Hand-picked for their unprecedented degree of insight into Meek’s working processes and his relationship with Heinz, and presented with track-by-track notes from ‘Thunderbolt’ magazine’s Rob Bradford, The Heinz Sessions Vol 1 is a must-hear for fans of Meek and Heinz, British pop historians and enthusiasts, and anybody with an interest in the evolution of recording techniques and the mysterious alchemy that goes on behind those studio doors.

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Disc 1
  1. Just Like Eddie (Geoff Goddard’s Guide)
  2. Movin’ In (Guitar Session Take 8)
  3. I Get Up In The Morning (Take 4)
  4. Country Boy (Vocal Session Take 1)
  5. Voices In The Wind (Take 7)
  6. Tribute To Eddie (Joe Meek’s Demo)
  7. The Beating Of My Heart (Joe Meek’s Demo)
  8. Long Tall Jack (Joe Meek’s Demo)
  9. You Make Me Feel So Good (Dave Adams’ Guide)